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New Orleans, Louisiana
November 16-18
New Orleans


Chinese Flagship Secondary Curriculum Project


The Chinese Flagship Secondary Curriculum (CFSC) was created by a team of Chinese language teachers from 6 states. It has 5 units per level. Each unit has a curriculum map with vocabulary, “I can” statements, and assessments. Each unit also has 3 topics and each topic has lessons that include PowerPoint presentations, activities, and games. All materials can be downloaded and printed or adapted to meet students’ needs.


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ASU Chinese Flagship Linkages Cultural Project

ASU Chinese Flagship created a series of cultural projects to help AP Chinese students succeed in attaining linguistic and cultural fluency.

ASU Chinese Flagship Linkages

ASU Chinese Flagship Linkages Cultural Project:


Favorite Resources

Chinese Teacher Webcasts

Featuring the following webcasts:

  1. Classroom Management
  2. Making yourself understood
  3. Chinese Praxis Prep
  4. Output Activities: Getting your students to speak
  5. Differentiating instruction
  6. Moving students to the next proficiency level

Socratic Seminar

AP/PreAP students discuss questions related to health, specifically increasing rates of obesity in the US and China.

Socratic Seminar Student Feedback

The students and teacher talk about doing the Socratic Seminar.