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Chinese Curriculum Project



Beginning in 2013, select teachers from 6 different states met to begin work on the Chinese Flagship Secondary Curriculum (CFSC) project. This followed a survey conducted the year before that showed teachers wanted more materials, particularly supplementary materials they could use with any text.

The CFSC was designed to have 5 units per level. Each unit has a curriculum map with vocabulary, “I can” statements, and assessments. Each unit also has 3 topics and each topic has 4 lessons that include PowerPoint presentations, activities, and games. All materials can be downloaded and printed or altered to meet teachers’ needs according to their district requirements.

To date levels 1-3 (Novice-Mid, Novice-High, and Intermediate-Low) have been completed and are placed on this website under the “Chinese Flagship Secondary Curriculum” tab.

Lessons and materials are continually edited and updated, and feedback is welcome. Work will begin on Level 4 (Intermediate-Mid) materials in the fall, 2015.

Read more about the teachers on our teacher team.