BYU Chinese Language Fair - April 18th

Chinese Ambassador Program

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 19:04 -- chflag

ARIZONA: To increase students’ motivation in Chinese language learning and their familiarity with Chinese culture, the ASU Confucius Institute and Chinese Flagship Program sponsored ASU Chinese Flagship student Jonny Dangerfield in presenting China-related presentations in Arizona K-12 schools. Jonny, who is also the 2013 Southwest Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Contest’s first place winner, visited 25 schools and presented on a multitude of China-related topics. More importantly, he shared his study-abroad experiences in China and Taiwan, inspiring students to continue learning Chinese. Jonny also relayed information about the Flagship Program, ASU-Startalk Chinese Camp, Hanban Summer Camp to China, NSLI for Youth programs, and other scholarship opportunities to study Chinese.